What You Should Know About The Manse on Marsh

The first thing a person needs to know about the Manse on the Marsh is that it’s unique in its very own way. Now this is not a publicly advertised thing, nor should it be. Manse has a very laid back way of looking at life. Manse is not like other assisted living facilities. It wants to let it’s residents know they are free to be who they are. Yes, there are rules. However, it’s not about codes and guidelines. Manse wants it’s residents to be and feel safe. It wants it’s residents to feel good in calling the Marsh home.

The second thing that needs to be known is that pets are allowed. This might strike some as odd, but it’s true. Manse wants it’s residents to be happy. Just because a person is living in an assisted living facility, this is no reason why there lives should be over. Part of this attitude comes from having a pet. Pets breathe life into practically every owner. There is not one pet owner who is not changed from having a pet. Most pet-owning residents who are in the Marsh do not want to have this right taken away. Manse on the Marsh is not looking to take this right away either.

There is a complete set of rules for pet and their owners on the Marsh site. It can also be found in the main office of the Marsh. If a pet is going to be part of the package, which they encourage, than every resident should give a good read through.

One final thing to mention about the Manse. This place is not to be confused with a nursing home. To compare the two would be a gross injustice. The Manse is a place for residents who can no longer take care of their homes to go. There comes a time when active and vital men and women can’t handle the upkeep of their homes. However, their lives are still full active and vital. They just need someone to take care of the day-to-day dealings, while enjoying life for a change.  Contact them online, or follow the social media for updates.

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