Timothy Armour’s Experienced Visionary Capabilities in the Financial World

Timothy Armour is the current chairman, principal executive, and director of Capital Research and Management Company. In 2015, the board of directors of Capital announced Timothy’s appointment as the head of the company. Timothy’s election ensured that operations in Capitals overall business would run smoothly after the passing of the former chairman, Jim Rothenberg. Tim commented that the death of the former director was a sad situation for all the Capital Group employees.

He added to say that the company would continue to provide its advisors and investors with excellent services from the collective effort of all the company’s staff. Timothy also works for The Capital Group Companies incorporation as an Equity Portfolio Manager. Before his current positions, Timothy worked at Capital as the Equity Investment Analyst and managed the United States service companies and international telecommunications. In 1983, Timothy began working for The Capital Group as a participant of the associate’s program. He is an alumnus of the Middlebury College with a bachelor’s degree in economics.

Timothy advises prospective investors to find managers who can earn their keep. He elaborated the logic by explaining that Netflix managed to beat its competition, Blockbuster, by skillfully studying the intricate details of the industry, the competitor, and the possible future. When Blockbuster earned a 5 billion dollar net worth, Netflix was leveling up and examining the needs of the industry. Netflix then rose to make 45 billion dollars, and Blockbuster went bankrupt.

In September 2015, Timothy Armour explained that the market’s selloff that shook the financial market was a result of the sudden devaluing of the China’s currency, which affected the export activities of developed nations. China’s economy affects countries such as Japan, Hong Kong, Europe and Australia. He continued to say that China continues to be responsible for the world’s GDP by 15 percent by offering oil and other products at lower prices and interest rates, and ultimately raising the international financial status.

Janet Yang, CFA stated that Timothy Armour was an excellent choice for the future success of Capital Group due to his experienced, visionary ability that analyses the demands and long-term requirements of businesses and employees. Timothy commented on Capital’s partnership with Samsung Management of planning retirement programs for its employees. He stated that the aim of the association is to design and satisfy the savings, insurance and retirement needs of its Korean investors. He also said that the two firms would partner to create asset allocation benefits, retirement programs and a better investment ability for Samsung.

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