Thor Halvorssen Fights for a Meaningful Cause

Human rights is a meaningful cause to fight for. Unfortunately, there is a huge fight left in this issue because of all of the oppression happening in various parts of the world. The more developed parts of the world that has a more lenient rule tend to not want to believe that oppression exists. However, the truth is that there are parts of the world where humans are treated as less than objects. Therefore, one has two choices. He could either ignore it, or he can do his part to put an end to human oppression.


Among the people that are fighting for human rights is Thor Halvorssen. He is very passionate about human rights. For one thing, he stands up to the oppressors and tyrants of different countries. One of the reasons that human rights is a major passion for him is that he has experience with the violation of human rights. According to this article in Forbes, Thor comes from a line of people who stood up for the rights of others, often at the expense of their own lives. Thor’s father has been tortured in a prison after revealing government corruption. His mother was shot during a demonstration. Thor has a knowledge of human rights violations that go beyond theoretical.


Thor is also working to put away any stereotypes about people who are fighting for human rights. For one thing, he is trying to keep a positive image to combat the depressive stereotype of someone who is fighting for the cause. He also tries to avoid falling into the trap of hating people. He himself loves people. This is in fact what it takes to be effective in fighting for the rights of humans in countries where people have less freedom. Thor himself took some of the beatings that other activists are afraid to take.

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