The Quincy New Brunswick Shootings, Robbery

There was a shooting that was reported on October 7, 2015, prompting the New Brunswick police to respond quickly. At the New Brunswick apartment where the shooting happened, one person was injured.


The area has been reported as a place where criminal gangs have been conducting their dirty deals.


The crime was reported to have happened at around 9:30 pm where four gunshots were heard. The victim was rushed to the Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital with a wound caused by a bullet, according to Captain JT Miller, who is the spokesperson for the NBPD.


The suspect who is believed to have conducted the shooting is said to have fled towards Neilsen Street. Police opened investigations, and there were additional bullet casings found at the scene prompting a more thorough investigation.


Another man was also shot in New Brunswick, and the police charged a resident in connection with the shooting of the pizza delivery man. The man accused of the robbery was a twenty-one-year-old man named Parysh Wood with a street name “P gun.” The incident is believed to have been conducted by a crew of three men, and Wood is thought to have been the gang leader.


The driver of pizza delivery vehicle walked into the building though residents claimed that no pizza had been ordered, He then walked to his car where he found Parysh and the other three men waiting.


One of the suspects fished out a handgun and demanded money from the driver. They then stole pizza, money, and his wallet. They then proceeded to shoot him before they fled to their old dark minivan as reported by those who witnessed the incident.


Wood was linked to being present at the time of the incident.


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