Reviewing The Global Expansionary Strategy Embraced by OSI Industries

OSI Industries is among the most established companies in the food industry in America, and with their influence that spans more than 100 years, the company has sought to expand its operations into other countries. Part of these expansions has been executed through strategic acquisitions of businesses running similar projects in other parts of the world. To achieve the targeted global expansion, OSI Industries has first focused on fully occupying the local market after which it would approach the European market.

Expanding into Europe

Under the leadership of President David McDonald and Sheldon Lavin, the CEO, OSI Industries made its first steps into the European market by acquiring Flagship Europe. This move helped them secure the European market by launching a strategy that would make it easier for them to approach other companies that match the criteria for a perfect candidate for purchase. After acquiring Flagship Europe, OSI Industries also bought Boho Food in 2016. This is a Dutch company that runs subsidiaries across Netherlands and Germany, and at the time it was acquired by OSI Industries, Boho Food served 18 countries in Europe. Now in the hands of OSI Industries, plans have been laid to revamp production and boost sales.

After this is the international expansion that will fully push OSI Industries to embrace other markets in different continents including Asia and Africa. But this is not to say the company has forgotten about boosting its local presence. In fact, the first step was to strengthen their local influence before shifting to the international market. To achieve the goal, OSI Industries acquired Tyson Foods, located in Chicago, which was on the verge of closing business before OSI rescued it.

This purchase availed more production options and it allowed a number of employees who worked there to keep their jobs. The rate at which OSI Industries has been advancing is impressive and is aimed at instilling longevity in performance. Only few companies can match the resistance OSI Industries has had to endure to stay at the top of the industry for more than 100 years.

About OSI Industries

Founded more than 100 years ago, OSI Industries is a leading food processing company that ranks among top 100 food and beverage companies. Its main products are meat and it has been offering private label for quick-service restaurants. Additionally, OSI Industries has acquired several companies in a bid to expand its market.

About OSI Industries: