Securus Technologies Makes Correctional Facility Life Easier

The company that leads in providing the best criminal justice tech solutions, Securus Technologies, recently released facility customer comments about how their products and services made their lives a little easier. By reading all of these comments from correctional facility members and investigators, I got an in depth understanding about how this company really helps to prevent crime and much more.


One customer gave their praise to Securus Technologies because with their services, they were able to use information from screened phone calls to obtain a search warrant for a corrupt staff member. That corrupted facility member was actually bringing contraband to those that were locked up. Another customer said that calls they monitored contained various information about an inmate using alcohol and drugs, making threats, suspicious activity involving money being transferred, incriminating talks of actually shooting a victim in the past and a whole mess of other illegal activities. To get another understanding about what these technology solutions offer, a correctional officer can use these investigative tools to help prevent threats against inmates or even fellow staff. Some praised Securus Technologies for their LBS software because it has helped them to recover million dollars worth of missing drugs and cash money with the aid of the sheriff department. The comments continue with one stating that, “the LBS services alone are enough for us to continue using Securus in the future.” The company says they have received thousands of these letters and emails that share how their technology has helped to keep everyone safe.


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