Planning a Birthday Party with a Tiny Budget

Many parents wonder how to give their children the birthday party of their dreams without breaking the bank to achieve it. They view the celebrity styled birthday parties of their peers on social media networks and become discouraged by their lack of ability to throw a $10,000 birthday party for a toddler. It is possible to give a child a great birthday party while operating on a budget and this guide will help parents discover the joys of celebrating life for a reasonable price. Here are a few rules and principals to follow when throwing a budgeted bash for your little one.

-Actually ask your child what they want their party to be.

Sometimes, simply asking your little one what their idea of a wonderful party would be. I once asked my 2 year old what kind of food he wanted at his birthday party. I was growing weary as I scrolled the pages of Pinterest looking at all the fancy toddler food that I couldn’t make or afford. My soon to be 3 year old’s response was shocking to me. He requested grilled cheese sandwiches and milk. Grilled cheese sandwiches! At the time, this was his favorite food in the world, but I had not even considered it as food to be served at his party. Now, I long for the days when all it took to make him happy was a grilled cheese sandwich and a glass of chocolate milk. Instead of creating a fancy food list, consider the foods that will make this once in a lifetime birthday special to your little one. It will probably be inexpensive and very tasty.

-Stop comparing your little one’s party to those of celebrities

Your child does not compare his or her life to the lives of pretend people and neither should you. Take the steps to plan the food, activities and games, and guest list for your child’s party. Implement the likes and dislikes of your child.

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