Paul Mampilly Talks About Thriving Investment Markets

Only one-third of Americans invest their money in stocks, while others are getting low-interest rates on their money by keeping them in their saving accounts. Even though investing in stocks in riskier than saving it in bank accounts, the gains are far more than what one can get. Paul Mampilly, a leading financial guru, shares some great tips for investing in stocks for beginners. Paul Mampilly believes that new investors should invest in technology companies that are at the peak of bringing innovative products to the market. In the past, people who had invested in smartphone companies are reaping its benefits even today. It might have looked like a risky investment back then, but today smartphone has become more of necessity rather than a luxury.

Paul Mampilly believes that electric vehicles are the future and eventually people will have t use them over traditional vehicles. Owning an old-fashioned vehicle is quite costly, and there is a recurring cost of gas. Even its maintenance is quite expensive compared to the electric vehicles that have just three moving parts. Thus, electric vehicles will become the preferred choice for most car owners, and it is why investing in electric vehicle stocks should give high returns in the coming years.

Another investment opportunity for newbies should be biotech companies that are involved in the genetic testing of diseases such as cancer. Through this technology, the physicians will be able to conduct genetic profiling of a person’s DNA to determine better treatment methods according to the patient’s DNA. It will eliminate the need for guesswork and offer doctors the ability to target the disease at the DNA level to get better results.

People today love to eat out but, there is a growing number of health-conscious people who are looking for healthier options rather than fast food. According to Paul Mampilly, there is an excellent future for food delivery companies that specialize in healthy food options. People can easily order healthy meals and receive them in the comfort of their homes without having to step out. Thus, Paul Mampilly urges investors to look for such companies as they can offer significant returns.

Paul Mampilly is a leading American investor and former hedge fund manager for leading financial companies who is known for his exceptional insights into the investment industry that he openly shares with the world. He is the founder of the popular Profits Unlimited newsletter that allows him to share his knowledge and experience with his subscribers.

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