How Eric Pulier Became the King of Mini Start-Ups

Described by others as having the Midas touch, it certainly appears to be the case for philanthropist and entrepreneur Eric Pulier.

Eric Pulier has made a name for himself in turning small dreams into big realities for countless tech start-ups. Unafraid of hard work and an uncanny aptitude in the realm of market research, literally everything he touches does seem to turn to gold.

His tech savvy dates back to grade school where as early as the fourth grade Eric was already flexing his computer programing muscle. And it didn’t take long for him to capitalize on those early computer programming skills as it was in his high school years that he started a data base computer company. Yes, a young entrepreneur was born!

Eric wasted no time making his mark in the world by founding People Doing Things (PDT) only a few short years after graduating from Harvard University. PDT was a company that, through the use of technology, aided in addressing education, healthcare and other such issues. With this first big notch in his belt, Pulier was well on his way to becoming one of the top tech based visionaries of our generation.

Since PDT he has founded and co-founded numerous tech based businesses and helped a countless number of small start-ups achieve success with both his guidance in the tech industry as well as his ability to raise large sums of venture capital. His success has also landed him several prestigious opportunities such as being selected to create and execute the Presidential Technology Exhibition in Washington DC back in 1997.

An author, public speaker and also a philanthropist, when he is not busy assisting a new start-up in achieving success, Pulier donates a great deal of his time and expertise to a number of non-profit organizations or can be found giving a speech on technology someplace in the world.

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