Gooee Looking To Create A Seamless Retail Experience

Retailers are already advertising to consumers through smart phone apps and are able to save them money and deliver what the consumer wants while at the same time investing less money into their marketing initiatives. By tracking what people are buying and anticipating what they might want in the future, they are able to offer them deals they will actually want and in turn buy the product being offered. Consumers also respond to this because they are getting a deal on what they really value, want, and need.

Using these apps as hubs of information that actually work for vendors and consumers is begging the question, what comes next? If consumers are loving this individualized coupon experience made seamless through their smart phones, how can it be made better? The answer lies in light bulbs. Though this sounds absurd, hear us out.

Smart light bulbs created by Gooee, have the ability to connect to WiFi and Bluetooth and they can also detect human movement. When installed in a retail setting, the bulbs can detect when a customer is in a shopping aisle, and then connect wirelessly to their smart phones, delivering real time coupons and deals on the products that are sitting right in front of them on that particular shelf or rack. This enables consumers to have an individualized coupon service right at their fingertips without having to sort through weekly ads and information they don’t need. Seeing this on the horizon, retailers are exited about implementing Gooee LED bulbs.

Gooee IoT Lighting

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