Flavio Maluf Praises Merge Of Two Big Pharma Companies

Flavio Maluf, the Founder and CEO of Eucatex, thinks the merging of the two giant pharmaceutical companies, Allergan and Pfizer, is a very good thing. He sees impressive plans at the combined company, now called Pfizer PLC, for their future growth. They plan to do that by reducing the time to market and production overhead costs for their prescription medications and specialized treatments. They are also make a major reduction in their corporate taxes by moving Pfizer PLC to the country of Ireland.

No large number of stockholders objected to the company’s move, as one might expect. This is because the tax savings is so significant, at a savings of 15 percent, that the stockholders see that it really is an instant increase in profitability. In the U.S., both companies had to pay 25 percent, but Ireland charges only 10 percent. The move is agreed by everyone to be a very good thing. Maluf agrees wholeheartedly. He has often been a fan of investments in both companies. Yet, now he says investment is sure to be more profitable with the new Pfizer PLC.

At the helm of a large sustainable construction and other manufacturing materials producer, Eucatex, Flavio Maluf keeps track of the business world, and big pharma in particular. He believes this merger will not only benefit stockholders, but also bring better medical treatments and the associated medications to patients who need them. He recommends investing in Pfizer PLC for the long haul. Eucatex produces sustainable materials for home and commercial builders who are getting hip to no longer building with all materials that end up being harmful to the environment.

Maluf attended the famous FAAP school in Brazil, where he earned a Mechanical Engineering degree. Maluf’s father, Paulo Maluf, is a well-known politician in Brazil. Besides Eucatex, Flavio had founded GrandFood, which has two pet food brands it markets: Golden Rations and Premier Pet.  Flavio can be found on Facebook.

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