Doe Deere and Lime Crime Help to Express Your Beauty with Color

Doe Deere, the founder of Lime Crime cosmetics, has become a fashion icon for all women. Women should follow their heart and dreams and have the freedom to express their true inner self to the world. Doe Deere created her line of colorful Lime Crime makeup because she couldn’t find what she wanted to in the cosmetic world that would allow her to express her beautiful self.

Born and raised in Russia Doe’s dream was to become a musician, and at the age of 13 realized she even had a knack for being an entrepreneur. That came to light when she discovered temporary tattoos, figured out how to make them a popular novelty, and sold the tattoos to her classmates. Being a musician though was still her big dream and the one she kept focused on.

When Doe Deere was 17, she packed up and moved to the United States and settled in New York. Doe spent 14 years in New York living first in Manhattan and then Brooklyn. It was here her dream of becoming a musician came true. While being a musician in a band, Deere met her husband who is also now her business partner in Lime Crime. They are both songwriters, and this is how they knew they could collaborate and work well together.

The founder of Lime Crime is also a fashion designer, and Deere has always been in love with bright, happy colors. The natural look of today and light colors are just not for her. Not being able to find the makeup colors she really wanted for herself is what prompted her to begin making her own cosmetics. It wasn’t long before she learned there were so many other women out in the world who felt the same way about the makeup industries offerings.

Doe Deere knows that fashion, makeup, and hair go hand in hand. It is the complete picture of one’s personal intellect. Doe is a firm believer that every young woman has a special quality or unique skill that sets them apart from anyone else. Gravitating toward what you love and grasping it is going to be what makes your dreams come true and bring you happiness. Don’t worry it others may think you are strange or different, but love yourself so you can be your best you.

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