Doe Deere And Her Bright and Colorful Lime Crime

If you had an idea of a business that you wanted to create or a product that you were passionate about, wouldn’t you want to hear how to do it from someone who has done it themselves and who is equally passionate about what she does?

That someone is none other than Doe Deere. Russian born and raised in New York City, she always wanted to do more than just get by with what everyone else was okay with doing. From her youth she has continuously looked for ways to stay true to herself and to express her personality, and what better way to make a statement than to wear and produce the makeup you love.

Lime Crime makeup is the kind of makeup that makes anyone sit up and take notice. The bright and eye-catching colors are a favorite amongst people that enjoy dressing and showing on the outside what is in the inside.

Yet Doe Deere doesn’t only set an example of bold and daring through her makeup products, she also makes a statement in the world of entrepreneurial that women can start successful businesses that make it.

Doe Deere feels that one of the things that have made her the successful powerhouse today is that she stays true to herself and her brand. Every product has to feel right for her and knowing and understanding her demographic of customers also provides her with direction in her company. Staying positive in deals and in business is something that Deere speaks a great deal about as she knows that this is a key to getting people interested in the product she loves.

She also shows that becoming successful in something that you are crazy about is doable and can be done. She is proof that there is hope for people who are creative and want to turn that creative talent and desire into a profitable company.

Doe Deere, just like many successful powerhouses, started off in jobs that were less than desirable for her nature. Through working a variety of jobs, from insurance companies to other office positions, she realized that the only thing that would truly make her happy was to follow her dream.

Lime Crime is now a highly recognized cosmetic company and Doe Deere is proud of what it has become. Although she says she would have liked to have started on her dream earlier, she is just happy she did. With an attitude of kindness in all of her interactions, Doe Deere shows that you can be a strong female leader while still leading with love and respect.

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