Jason Hope and Well-Rounded Philanthropy

Jason Hope is a widely known entrepreneur who specializes in matters that pertain to technology and the Internet. Although he’s a busy businessman with plenty of things to see and do on a daily basis, he’s also an individual who has a lot of compassion. That’s the reason he spends a considerable amount of time focusing on anti-aging matters. He worries about medical conditions that stem from the natural aging process. He, because of that, gave a generous $500,000 donation to an organization called SENS Foundation. This is a group that concentrates on rejuvenation biotechnologies. The objective at SENS Foundation is to combat diseases that are triggered by the aging process. Mike Cope is the CEO (Chief Executive Officer) for SENS Foundation. He revealed Hope’s donation to the public. He did so at an event that was known as “Breakthrough Philanthropy.” The Thief Foundation organized the event. It took place at San Francisco, California’s elegant Palace of Fine Arts. SENS Foundation is a prominent not-for-profit group that was established back in 2009. The objective of the organization is to encourage advancements within the rejuvenation biotechnology world. Rejuvenation biotechnologies have the ability to target diseases that are brought on by aging.

Hope lives and works in Scottsdale in Arizona. This community isn’t at all far from Phoenix. He originally comes from Arizona and has a lot of knowledge regarding the Southwestern state. Hope knows a lot about all kinds of technological matters. He also knows a lot about philanthropy. Philanthropy is near and dear to his heart and mind. He cares about philanthropic topics that delve into biotechnology, scientific research, disease management and education.

Hope gives his time and care to many groups in his area. Some of these are the Tony Hawk Foundation, the True Colors Fund, the Andre Agassi Fund, Family Health International, Teach for America Phoenix, the Mark Wahlberg Youth Foundation and the International Foundation for Education. His philanthropic focuses span a broad range of sectors. Hope puts a lot of effort into helping educational groups. He puts a lot of effort and energy into groups that concentrate on health matters as well.

Jason Hope is a futurist who does a lot of blogging. People who want to understand the inner workings of his brain regularly read his informative and engaging blog. He blogs about topics such as ecommerce, the Internet of Things, security threats, mobile technology and more.

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The Best of Technology on Development of Jason Hope Businesses

Jason Hope is the renowned businessman who is known for his emphasis on investing in the greater technologies. The businessman is located in Scottsdale Arizona and he is respected for the devotion to the charity that he always participates. one of the best accomplishment that he has attained it’s through helping people with the innovative products that the objective is to make people lives easier. Also, he has been part of the good people who have helped the people of Arizona through supporting them with funds. As a teenager, he was mostly spent in Tempe and went to Arizona State University and attained a degree in finance. Furthermore, he also studied at Carey School of Business and attained an MBA. He has been part of the influence in Arizona on the political sector and the American States.

The businessman has mostly always invested in research innovation of state-of-the-art technological products. Mostly the key arrears that he mostly attentive are mobile applications, gaming software, computer programs, and a broad array of gears which are intended to make people live great. Mostly Jason is devoted to determining cutting-edge that enable life more simple. Due to his innovative behavior which made him be prosperous and has dedicated an important period and resources to nurture upcoming business people who want to attain their objectives in the future.

Jason Hope a generous businessman he has been able to help those innovators who want to prosper in the technology sector. He is certain that a lot of youths have innovative thoughts although they don’t have enough resources to change them into a better thing. Also, another accomplishment that he has is managing charity program that provides funds so that students can be educated and establish their creativity. He as well inspires individual with supreme technological creativity to get in touch with him so that he can help executing them. Jason Hope is certain that social media and internet marketers are also the main sectors that can develop fast. Also, most of the individuals who have adequate understanding in businesses can make it easier.

Jason hope started from the bottom but he his where he is because of technology. He ensures that he teaches more business people on how to use technology in order to be prosperous. As a philanthropist, he has been able to invest mostly in different humanitarian groups that are committed to keeping the humankind future safe.

Jason Hope Info: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SENS_Research_Foundation

Eric Lefkofsky – an American Entrepreneur

Eric Lefkofsky was born on September 2nd, 1969. He is the co-founder and the CEO of a company called Tempus, as well as the co-founder and a chairman of a well-known company known as Groupon. Lefkosfky grew up in Michigan and after graduating high school in 1987, he went to the University of Michigan. After graduating in 1991 with honors, Lefkosfky continued on to receive his Juris Doctor from the University of Michigan Law School in 1993.

Eric Lefkofsky has always had an entrepreneurial mindset. He started his career by selling carpet where he attended college, the University of Michigan. After he graduated from law school, Lefkofsky and a friend bought an apparel company that was located in Madison, Wisconsin. This company was called Brandon Apparel. The two then later created an internet company that was specialized in promotional products. In January of 2000, this internet company was sold to Halo Industries, which Lefkofsky became the Chief Operating Officer of. This company later went bankrupt.

In 2001, Lefkofsky co-founded a company known as InnerWorkings, which provided print services for different companies. Until 2012, Lefkofsky remained on the board of directors for InnerWorkings. Lefkofsky and his partner created a company specializing in freight logistics in 2005 then later in 2006 founded MediaBank, which was a company that bought media. Lefkofsky and his partner started numerous entrepreneurial businesses together throughout the years. Then, in 2016, Lefkofsky co-founded what is known as Tempus. Lefkofsky serves as the CEO for this company. Tempus is a technology company and they enable physicians to deliver the type of personalized cancer care that they need to deliver.

Lefkofsky is a very caring guy and in 2006 him and his wife formed the Lefkofsky Foundation. This charitable fund focuses on children with the purpose of supporting different causes and organizations around the world. The Lefkofsky Foundation has been able to help more than 50 different organizations. Later on in 2013, Lefkofsky and his wife took part in an organization known as The Giving Pledge.