Bradley Reifler Offers Financial Advice For The 99 Percenter’s

There’s plenty of hyped-up baloney, in the media, about the one percenter’s in the country. One percenter’s are individuals that have an income of more than $343,000. Media hype has branded these individuals as wealthy, with them being in the top one percent of all wage earners.

To assist the remaining 99% of income earners, Forefront Capital CEO and founder Bradley Reifler has created a superb checklist, of five ways to invest safely, and have a meaningful return on investment, as reported in Reuters.

1. Reifler’s 5 tips start out by stating you need to exercise some common sense when it comes to investing your earnings. Take the time to evaluate the risks, understand the charges imposed, and what the expenses are. Assess your situation with a fine tooth comb, and develop a game plan with a goal.
2. Is your money safe where it’s being investing? Dig deep into the performance of where you’ll be depositing your funds.
3. Diversify your investment. As attractive as the stock market seems, spread your funds in different sectors. The stock market isn’t the answer to every investor’s goals.
4. Don’t rely on a slick brochure, with a prominent name, to guide your investment decisions. Do your homework and research the company, even calling them, and asking questions.
5. Invest with your head, not over it. Truly understand why and how you are investing, instead of just envisioning getting rich. Develop a smart plan and it will pay off handsomely.

Wikipedia shows they were established in 2009, Bradley Reifler, as CEO oversees the Forefront Management Group, LLC and satellite firms, Forefront Advisory, LLC, Forefront Capital Management, LLC, and Forefront Capital Markets, LLC. He has an impressive resume, establishing Pali Capital in 1995, and starting his independent foray, into the financial world, with the Reifler Trading Corporation, in the early 1980’s, as indicated by