Biography of Leading New York Attorney Ross Abelow

Ross Abelow is an attorney practicing in the greater New York City area. He obtained his law degree from Brooklyn Law School and has been in practice for well over 20 years. Media reports oftentimes refer to Abelow as being at the top of the Big Apple legal pyramid.

Although Abelow does practice in a number of different areas, he continues to garner renown for his work in the divorce and family law arena. One of the reasons Abelow consistently draw positive media praise is because of his tenacious representation of more high profile clients.

The reality is that practicing in the divorce and family law arena is challenging in and of itself. However, when into the mix is added the fame and notoriety of a client, the complexity of a marriage dissolution proceeding increases in a manifold manner. Only a truly experienced, highly trained attorney with the ability to deal with the media in an appropriate manner is capable of effectively representing celebrities and other high profile individuals. This has become the stock in trade in the legal practice of Ross Abelow.

In addition to practicing in the family and divorce law arenas, Ross Abelow is well known for his work in commercial litigation. He has represented a wide range of different business and corporate clients through his years in practice. This includes pursuing a wide range of different types of commercial lawsuits on behalf of his clients.

Ross Abelow also practices in the area of entertainment. This is a very important professional niche in New York. He has assisted clients on all aspects of entertainment law, including contracts, negotiations and similar types of issues. Through his entertainment law practice, Abelow has represented a number of very well known entertainers in New York and elsewhere.

Beyond his law practice, Ross Abelow is highly active in the New York community. This includes being an active participant in a variety of different legal and bar organizations. In addition, he regularly is called upon to speak at conferences, conventions and other gatherings on a variety of issues, including matrimonial and entertainment law.

Abelow also supports a number of nonprofit and charitable organizations in the greater New York area and elsewhere in the Empire State. He frequently makes note of the importance of giving back to the community whenever possible and attempts to do so on a regular basis, despite maintaining a very business, full legal practice.

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Coworking Space: A Modern Business Trend Born In 15th Century Italy


In recent years coworking spaces have grown a lot in popularity. The coworking company rents out a large amount of office space, fixes it up with workstations and other business equipment, and then rents out the spaces to small businesses and solo entrepreneurs. They pay a lot less than if they had to pay for an entire separate office. Based on the buzz, you’d think this trend was as new as the latest social networking site. However, during the Renaisance, in Florence Italy, coworking bottegas flourished.

Artists, craftspeople and artisans shared workshops. They competed with each other and learned from each other. These bottegas often had a “Master” in charge of the entire structure, but he was not a boss. He might guide, but he didn’t control the work of the others. One of the most famous Masters was Andrea del Verrocchio. Himself a sculptor, goldsmith and painter, he helped younger artists pursue art or engineering or architecture, or even science or a business venture. He worked with Botticelli, Perugino, Ghirlandaio and Leonardo da Vinci.

In the bottegas, the artists could freely communicate with each other. No doubt some of their egos argued a lot, but they learned from the process. Plus, da Vinci was not the only artist who was also a scientist. The lines between business and art, art and science, were not drawn as strictly then as now. Most of them needed patronage from the wealthy Florentine merchants, and could use their energy to help business.

Although networked only by sharing the same physical workspace, they managed to both compete and cooperate in an entrepreneurial way.

A new shared office space is Workville in the heart of New York City, close to Times Square and Bryant Park, in the luxurious building at 1412 Broadway. With its glass walls that let in the sunlight and the white marble and sculptured lights of the common areas, the surrounding terrace, the lounge and cafe, working there feels as though you’re in a 5-star hotel.

Workville takes care of all your business services: mail delivery, high-speed Internet, 24-access for Type A overachievers who never sleep, fresh coffee, telephone service, printers and the janitorial service. Need to see a client? Meetings rooms can be rented by the hour. All you need to do is report to your assigned cubicle and get work. When you’re ready to relax, you can hang out and network with Workville’s other tenants. You may find clients, partners or referral buddies.

Planning a Birthday Party with a Tiny Budget

Many parents wonder how to give their children the birthday party of their dreams without breaking the bank to achieve it. They view the celebrity styled birthday parties of their peers on social media networks and become discouraged by their lack of ability to throw a $10,000 birthday party for a toddler. It is possible to give a child a great birthday party while operating on a budget and this guide will help parents discover the joys of celebrating life for a reasonable price. Here are a few rules and principals to follow when throwing a budgeted bash for your little one.

-Actually ask your child what they want their party to be.

Sometimes, simply asking your little one what their idea of a wonderful party would be. I once asked my 2 year old what kind of food he wanted at his birthday party. I was growing weary as I scrolled the pages of Pinterest looking at all the fancy toddler food that I couldn’t make or afford. My soon to be 3 year old’s response was shocking to me. He requested grilled cheese sandwiches and milk. Grilled cheese sandwiches! At the time, this was his favorite food in the world, but I had not even considered it as food to be served at his party. Now, I long for the days when all it took to make him happy was a grilled cheese sandwich and a glass of chocolate milk. Instead of creating a fancy food list, consider the foods that will make this once in a lifetime birthday special to your little one. It will probably be inexpensive and very tasty.

-Stop comparing your little one’s party to those of celebrities

Your child does not compare his or her life to the lives of pretend people and neither should you. Take the steps to plan the food, activities and games, and guest list for your child’s party. Implement the likes and dislikes of your child.

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