Fabletics: Sexy And Fashionable Activewear

Fabletics is one of those brands that came out when one would least expect it and took over the fashion industry without making a sound. The brand started putting out their lines of clothing in 2013 and since then has grown to become a multi-million dollar industry. The company was founded by Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg, who are two business partners who have been working together for an incredibly extended period of time. The brand also decided to get a celebrity involved with their clothing and picked none other than Kate Hudson to do the job. Kate is brilliant at fashion and is someone who is incredibly immersed in the world of fitness. Being someone who is regular with her fitness regime herself, she knows what women need from their clothing and what brands need to offer. She has been one of the most brilliant additions to the company, which is why they have in turn done so well and attracted so many customers. The company has grown extensively and today has customers all over the country and also has stores in numerous locations, with plans of setting up even more.


Fabletics believes that just because a woman is partaking in any form of physical activity does not mean that she should not look her best. All women want to look like they have just stepped out on the red carpet, even if it is just in sweatpants and a tee. Fabletics has decided to take on the activewear industry in absolute style by putting out their lines of clothing that are stylish and comfortable, all at the same time. Fabletics believes that they have the power to bring about change in the activewear industry, which is why they have been working so hard to make it big there. When it comes to selling their lines of clothing, Fabletics goes down the path less traveled to establish themselves in the industry. The brand wanted to provide their customers with a system that would keep them coming back for more. With that idea in mind, the brand decided to launch them with a membership program. This membership program allows customers to sign up with the brand and receive sets of activewear every month. The customers are asked to fill in a few details regarding the kind of clothes that they wear and also the kind of sports and fitness regime that they like to partake in. The brand then shows the custom clothing options that would fit their criteria. Customers are also allowed to choose outside of what appears to them so that they can have a wider selection. Thereon, the customers are entitled to receive one new set of clothing every month for a small fee. The customers can choose the clothing sets that they like once again every month and receive it right at their doorstep. In this way, the company plans to retain their customer base, while also keeping their customers in the loop about the various lines of clothing that they come out with.

Bumble’s CEO Whitney Wolfe Turns Down $450 Million Buyout

According to Forbes, dating app Bumble recently turned down a $450 Million acquisition offer proposed by Match Group. Sources intimate that Match Group made the offer about two months ago. The umbrella company owns Bumble’s main competitors such as Tinder, OkCupid, and Match.com.

Offer Details

The offer details are still scanty as neither of the camps has come out to admit the existence of the offer. However, the acquisition offer is seen to have been undervaluing Bumble’s true worth. Bumble targets to be raking in over $150 million in revenue by 2018. With such projections, the acquisition did not make practical sense.

Although Bumble is not the market leader in the dating site market, it is the fastest growing site with over 50,000 new users joining every day. Although the app is basically free, the premium features attract a $9.99 monthly subscription, with over 10% of its active users already subscribed. This development puts Bumble on course to achieving their 2018 projections.

Some quarters, however, are speculating that the sale did not go through due to the fallout between Whitney Wolfe and the Match Group. Prior to the existence of Bumble, Whitney worked for Match Group and was a key figure in the founding marketing of Tinder. In 2014, she left Tinder and sued the group for sexual harassment and discrimination. The Acquisition would see Whitney Wolfe return to work for her former employer, which was highly unlikely.

Future Plans

Unlike most dating sites, Bumble has made future growth plans that involve diversifying beyond matchmaking. The company recently launched BumbleBFF, which is designed for women to allow them to make new friends. The company is also at an advanced stage towards launching BumbleBizz, which is a networking platform aimed at rivaling Linkedin.

Whitney Wolfe

Whitney Wolfe is the CEO and co-founder of Bumble. She previously worked for Tinder under the Match Group. Her success with Bumble partially due to her experience at Tinder, and partially due to her life experiences on dating sites and other online platforms.

Whitney Wolfe is in a class of her own. She has managed to achieve what other youth still consider a dream. Not only has she managed to be in the Forbes top 30 under 30 list, but also owns a controlling stake in a leading company.

The Top Benefits of Using Shea Butter

If you have dry or itchy skin, you may need to find a top quality lotion or moisturizer to help counter these symptoms. Dry and itchy skin is not only uncomfortable in general, but it can also lead to more severe skin problems and serious issues.

An excellent suggestion for this overall issue is using Shea butter. You can use Shea butter if you have seriously dry skin, but you can also use it if you just have some mild flaking or itching. Here are some of the top benefits.

1. It moisturizes your skin well

The best benefit of using Shea butter on your skin is that it lubricates and moisturizes it.

2. It lasts for hours after one application

After just one application of Shea butter, you’ll be set for the day. You won’t have to keep reapplying it every hour like you do with many other types of lotion.

3. It smells wonderful

Yes, it’s true. Shea butter smells so delicious, you’ll want to eat it up!

4. It can be used for serious itchiness and dryness

Did you know that doctors actually recommend Shea butter for serious skin conditions? It’s true. This isn’t your run of the mill moisturizer.

5. It’s inexpensive

You might think something as great as this product is expensive, but that’s not the case. You can find Shea butter for much less than you can buy many other types of lotions that don’t even work as well as Shea butter.

6. It’s all natural

Finally, this product is completely natural, so there’s no need to worry about extraneous ingredients that will harm you and your skin down the line.

Finding the Best Shea Butter

When it comes to finding the best Shea butter, always choose EuGenia Shea. EuGenia Shea creates top quality Shea butter in various sized containers and at great prices.

You can order EuGenia Shea butter online from their website. All of the products she offers are intense moisturizers and 100 percent natural. Each product has at least 95 percent Shea content. There are also SPF benefits! Check it out today.

Pittsburgh Steelers Release a New Line of Fan Apparel

There is no better way to support your team than donning its apparel. Pittsburgh Steelers, which participates in America’s National Football League recently overhauled its fan gear closet through the introduction of a new fashion campaign. This campaign is timely since it coincides with the team’s first game at home this forthcoming season. In addition to the fashion line, a new website has also been launched to help connect fans with the team.

The initiative will see fans buy replica jerseys that suit their sense of style. The apparels are currently available on the newly launched online store. Susan McGalla who has been in charge of the project asserts that there has been a growing demand for team merchandise over the past few years. It has however been difficult to access high quality merchandise, a situation that made it necessary for the management to come up with the idea of an online store. This will give customers a convenient avenue to shop for their favorite Steelers merchandise.

Designer labels have also been incorporated to cater for the needs of high-end fans. Luxurious labels that have been introduced to Steelers’ merchandise include Nike Golf, Victoria’s Secret and Tommy Bahama. The goods are similarly available in unconventional colors such as pink and gold to address the needs of Steelers fans who prefer such colors.

Susan McGalla in Brief

Susan McGalla is a career corporate executive and entrepreneur. She currently works at Pittsburg Steelers where she is in charge of strategic planning. Her remarkable career has seen her work in some of the largest organizations in the United States. She is mostly known for her role at American Eagle Outfitters Inc. where she was the president. Besides this, Susan McGalla has worked at other top firms including Wet Seal Inc. where she served as the CEO.

Susan McGalla is an Ohio native and graduated from Mount Union College where she received an undergraduate degree in marketing and business. The main areas of focus in her career have been business management and marketing strategies. Susan McGalla has also helped numerous companies register profit due to the financial advisory services that she offers. As a way of giving back to the society, she is a staunch supporter of the Allegheny Conference on Community Development.