Help With An Event

If you feel like planning an event is simply too much work or you find that you want to spend more time with the guests than you do in planning, consider hiring an event planner. This is someone who can ensure that every aspect of the event gets taken care of, such as the food, decorations and locating the venue. There are a few things that you want to keep in mind when it comes to hiring an event planner. First, think about what you need help with. Make a list of the objectives to give to the planner. If you only need help with minor details, then make sure the planner knows that assistance might not be needed with everything. This can sometimes cut back on the costs that are associated with hiring an event planner.


Look at the qualifications of the planner. You don’t want to hire someone who is just getting started in the business if there are a lot of intricate details that you need worked out. However, you don’t necessarily want someone who will be too expensive to afford. Do a little research by reading reviews that are posted online or talking to someone you know who has recently dealt with an event planner. You can find out how each person deals with stressful situations and how the planner communicates with you before and during the event. Give the planner as many details about the event as possible, such as how many people you plan to invite, the age of the guests and the guest of honor and any specific details that you want included.


Twenty Three Layers is one of the event planning companies in NYC that takes care of every detail for you. All you need to do is give the company your information and let the dedicated staff do the rest. The company is among the event planners in NYC to work with vendors across the world, such as musicians and decorating companies, in order to deliver the best results possible

Jim Hunt: VTA Publications Guru In Charge

Jim Hunt, an investment professional working with VTA Publications, really shines in this video where he explains the bear market, and he shows you what YOU can do during an early bear market to prepare your money to be cashed out, invested in different stocks, or to sit tight for the long haul.

VTA Publications, Ltd., is a company that has been around since 2012, promoting educational work and information sharing on the web and in person, making sure that you learn the most you can about economics and finance, from professionals like Jim Hunt who really talk the talk and walk the walk.

You’ll appreciate that VTA Publications, Ltd., also features special events, organized just for folks like you who want to come and learn about these topics in a desirable place. These events bring together professionals and ordinary people in a top-notch setting where you can gain valuable information that will help you launch your money on a new path, earning more as you go.

VTA Publications, Ltd., is only top-quality, and they serve thousands of people with their products, special events, and informational videos and publications. So, find out more by looking at what they have to offer, and be sure that you book your place at a special event today.

Planning a Birthday Party with a Tiny Budget

Many parents wonder how to give their children the birthday party of their dreams without breaking the bank to achieve it. They view the celebrity styled birthday parties of their peers on social media networks and become discouraged by their lack of ability to throw a $10,000 birthday party for a toddler. It is possible to give a child a great birthday party while operating on a budget and this guide will help parents discover the joys of celebrating life for a reasonable price. Here are a few rules and principals to follow when throwing a budgeted bash for your little one.

-Actually ask your child what they want their party to be.

Sometimes, simply asking your little one what their idea of a wonderful party would be. I once asked my 2 year old what kind of food he wanted at his birthday party. I was growing weary as I scrolled the pages of Pinterest looking at all the fancy toddler food that I couldn’t make or afford. My soon to be 3 year old’s response was shocking to me. He requested grilled cheese sandwiches and milk. Grilled cheese sandwiches! At the time, this was his favorite food in the world, but I had not even considered it as food to be served at his party. Now, I long for the days when all it took to make him happy was a grilled cheese sandwich and a glass of chocolate milk. Instead of creating a fancy food list, consider the foods that will make this once in a lifetime birthday special to your little one. It will probably be inexpensive and very tasty.

-Stop comparing your little one’s party to those of celebrities

Your child does not compare his or her life to the lives of pretend people and neither should you. Take the steps to plan the food, activities and games, and guest list for your child’s party. Implement the likes and dislikes of your child.

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