The Milestone of Betsy DeVos in Advocating School Choices

Betsy DeVos is the 11th and current secretary of education. She was born on January 8, 1958. Betsy is a part of the Republican Party and has consistently drummed her support for school choice, voucher programs, and charter schools. She represented Michigan for almost a decade while serving as the chairman woman of the Michigan republic party. In those, she chaired various boards such as the Alliance of School choice, Foundation for Excellence in Education and Action Institute. She has been nominated as the cabinet as the secretary of education in the current administration.


She obtained her degree in business economics in 1979 from the Calvin College in Michigan. She was involved in campus politics. DeVos has a strong Christian foundation having grown up as a member of the reformed Christian church. She is a part of the Mars Hill Bible church. Abraham Kuyper has been her mentor, a founding father of Christian democracy. She’s happily married to Richard Marvin DeVos SNR whom together they started a charity organization.


During the George W Bush campaign, she helped raise fund for his re-election and hosted the fundraisers in their home. During the administration, she worked closely with the National Republican Senatorial Committee. The family has helped finance various Republican nominees over the years.


Betsy and her husband are investors in the brain center that offer solutions for attention deficit disorders, autism, and anxiety. In her nomination to the secretary of education, she is an ideological educator, an outstanding pick and a person who stand for the forgotten.


In 1989 the DeVos launched the Dick and Betsy DeVos family foundation. The organization motives are geared towards accelerating development, leadership, and support in; education, community, arts justice and leadership. The family is listed on the Forbes list as number 24 as the top contributors. They have stepped forth to contribute to hospitals, health research, Christian schools and conservative free-market think tanks.


The organization has contributed towards supporting private Christian schools, and public schools. Some of the Christian groups funded include Michigan; the center of individual rights, action institute, the center of individual rights and the pregnancy resource center. Betsy and dick came up with a scholarship program for students in the field of BBA or MBA at Northwood University. While their children were going through the education system, the couple was inspired to assist low-income parents. The program enabled parents to choose schools which they wanted to take their children. To go into helping the families, she served on board of national charities which worked to spread the wings of education choice through vouchers and tax credits. Her most significant success so far has been maintaining that over 50000 school children in Florida are in the schools of their choice. The effort of Dick and Betsy to make sure children have a good education is slowly but steadily bearing fruits.


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The Value of ClassDojo

ClassDojo is an app that fosters communications between students, teachers, and parents. It is a dynamic platform where ideas, pictures, videos and other inspirational ideas can be shared. The idea is to bring a more collaborative experience to the classroom and provide more spontaneity to the educational process.

ClassDojo is currently being used in 90% of the schools in the United States in the K-8 grades and is also in use in over 180 countries. It is already translated and being used in over 35 different languages.

The result has been well accepted by teachers, students and parents as the culture in the classroom experience have been enhanced with more participation and a sense of teamwork. The ClassDojo app allows the sending of messages instantly without having to divulge phone numbers or email addresses.

A part of the ClassDojo app is called “Stories” which allows students to tell their own story, which is shared by parents. A timeline, a portfolio and what the student has learned connects everyone in the class and with faculty leaders. Included can be pictures, videos, and streaming information from the student’s school day.

Another part of the ClassDojo app covers “Big Ideas.” This module is designed to plug students into thinking big, yet helps to identify original content that helps to develop emotional and social skills. What does it take to have a big idea and complete it? What are the social and emotional costs in such ventures?

Teachers say that ClassDojo has helped them to understand the students better, parents like the hands-on communication, and the students like anything like this that allows them to explore and express themselves. Everyone has a stake in the process, and the outcomes are vibrant and informative to the participants.

Much is revealed when using ClassDojo, the good times and some not-so-good times, but there is always the opportunity to reward students for overcoming the hard times in the development of traits like perseverance and determination.

Teachers have been enthusiastic about how students become more focused and how parents enjoy the interaction that occurs. Overall, ClassDojo is a meaningful and results-oriented process that really works.

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ClassDojo Creates Class Community

In 2011, Liam Don and Sam Chaudhary began to reach out to teachers to see what their start up should look like. They worked for months, even going back to the UK after their VISA expired, and continued to ask themselves “What’s the worst part of teaching?” That’s how Class Dojo was born.

From scratch, the two co-founders created an app that is embraced by teachers and has grown to massive popularity. The app is available now on both Android and Apple devices and is like an educational social media community. Teachers are able to share work and moments in the classroom instantly, which is one feature teachers love. Nothing is more cumbersome than making phone calls, so positive ones usually were neglected. Now teachers can reward those “good kids” who were often overlooked. This app has millions of downloads, being used in 2 of 3 classrooms nationwide. Its also used in 180 countries worldwide.

The app’s goal may sound simple, but its purpose is to connect students, teachers, and parents. It has transformed the classroom into a community like environment, giving parents the empowerment to stay updated with their child’s education. This start up recently raised 21 million in 2015 to help make updates and add new features. To date, this app has not generated revenue, because it wants to remain free to teachers. This app allows for ground up change in the classroom, creating positive culture within schools and classrooms.

The instant communication, through shared photos and videos or private messaging, allows for a more collaborative relationship between teachers and parents. This communication elements the surprises from the once a quarter or once a semester parent teacher conferences. No more surprises, just a collaborative educational community environment.

Class Dojo is a free app/website that allows teachers to create their classes, customize behaviors, and communicate freely with parents. It is easy to use with pre-made templates to help students and parents sign up. Reports, photos, and videos can be easily shared. The app allows for teachers to communicate with parents instantly and lessen the paperwork. Teachers do not have to set aside time to make phone calls, rather they can just snap and send.


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