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After many years a kitchen can begin to look very outdated, especially if the original designs were according to some of the color trends of a number of decades ago. Those popular browns and yellows are no longer preferred by homeowners but there are a number of kitchen cabinet trends that are classic but still have a bit of a modern twist to keep you happy.

Custom Creations

Now more than ever, custom cabinetry has become more affordable and accessible thanks to many online craftsmen and dealers. You can find exactly what you are looking for or have it constructed for you and it won’t break the bank.

Simple Design

Currently, cabinet designs are very simple and just focus on clean, sleek lines for both the cabinets and the doors. Many designs no longer need hardware and really just shine on their own. This is a great style option because it will last you many years and still look new and relevant.


Choosing new kitchen cabinets can take some time because you want to make sure that the style and color is going to mesh well with the rest of your house. However, it is important to remember what you need from new kitchen cabinets as far as function is concerned. Make sure you pick cabinets that provide enough space and organization.

New Color Choices

Many years ago it was common to have wood cabinets installed that were stained a certain color that brought out the beauty of the wood. As the cabinets would get old, many homeowners chose to paint over the cabinets to refresh them. Now, the painted look is in style; especially colors like white and different shades of gray.

Siteline Cabinetry has been creating high quality kitchen cabinets for a few years now and with wonderful results. Skilled professionals create each cabinet with care and expertise. You can choose from a wide variety of products to suit your needs or have something custom created or colored to get the look that you want. Pricing is extremely affordable considering the quality of product that you are getting.

A high level of customer service is what the staff at Siteline Cabinetry shoots for. Whether you have a question about the color or size of a product, or you need assistance with ordering hardware for the installation process, Siteline’s staff of employees is ready to help.