Luiz Carlos Trabuco Role in the Growth of Cappi Bradesco

Insurance is a critical profession in the growth of any country. The insurance determines the stability of a nation. The management of any insurance company must be active to yield results. The profession unites wisdom and persistent to get an achievement. That is why Luiz Carlos Trabuco is the president of the largest insurance company in the country. The man is wise and persistence in his work. The economy in Brazil is growing, and this makes it a perfect area for the insurance companies. In 2003, Luiz Carlos Cappi who is the president of Bradesco Group of the insurance company and pension plan got the trophy of the insurance personality of the year.

The executive of the company has been working for over 38 years. Apparently, they have applied the experience gained in the area banking and insurance. Before he rose to the vice president of Bradesco Luiz Carlos Cappi, he has been working in several sectors such as marketing director. The man is so optimistic about the insurance company and says that the insurance company is an extension arm of the state fundamental and it plays a vital role in the maintenance of the social welfare. The executive is so much confident with Brazilian power. Moreover, he understands that the challenge faced for almost a decade is vital in building up their skills. The country is in an evolution state, and that is why the insurance is urgently needed.

The executive is a graduate of philosophy from the University of Sao Paulo (USP).He contributed in the election of Christ the Redeemer as one of the seven wonders of the Modern World. He came up with a campaign slogan ‘vote for Christ’ which played a significant role in the voting of this phenomenon. The slogan was able to convince more Brazilian and the entire world. Also, he was able to convince the Brazilian insurance market that is evident in the four area that assisted in the elections. The Brazilian Authorities praised the persistent he showed. That is how he was able to convince everyone that he is serious about the insurance business.

The words of Luiz Trabuco Cappi explains the collaboration that the executive offers to the evolution in the industries that he presides. The results in the industries have gone high to a significant level. According to Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi, it is important to have confidence and hope. He also said that he is okay with the typical configuration in the industry. According to him, the government must understand role insurance companies play in the modern society. Insurance contributes a lot to the growth of other sectors in the country. Moreover, he has done a lot to the insurance company, and his professional career marks when he joined Bradesco as the president. The presidency in Bradesco group shaped his career in a big way. Other areas that boosted his professionalism include Brazilian Federation of Bank Association and National Association of private pensions.

Also, the man was in charge of the International Association of Economic studies of the insurance in Geneva. All these sectors gave him the required experience to work in the insurance group. The successor is in charge of the company that responsible for over 40% of Bradesco’S results. The man is so well such that his name is one of the top rated to take the place of Marcio Cypriano. Furthermore, Marcio Cypriano has the responsibility of leading one of the largest Brazilian private banks, which is Bradesco. With all the leadership skills, he likely to take the insurance company to the next level.

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