Adam Milstein Gives Advice on Learning to be Successful

In an interview, Adam Milstein talks about the things you can do to be successful in business and what he does to make sure that he gives back to his community at the same time. In this piece, you will hear what some of the things he wants others to know about business and philanthropy.

First off, the one idea that he wants everyone to understand is, if you are unwilling to take a shot, you are going to miss the target. If you fail to try, you will never succeed. This piece of business knowledge is one to take with you in all avenues you go down.

When asked about the money he last spent and why it was so valuable to him, he opens up about what he spent the last $100 on. Adam Milstein talks about how important his family is and that spending time with them is one of the best things he does. So the last $100 he spent was on taking his family and wife to dinner.

When asked about what are some of his favorite services and providers are, Adam Milstein talks about Constant Contact. This is the one way that he is able to stay in touch with the countless contacts he has whether it be for business or family or even through the many charities and foundations that he and his wife are a part of.

Adam Milstein loves to take some time to read and when he is approached about what is his number one book is to recommend to others, he tells us about, “And the Good News Is…” By Dana Perino. He talks about this book because it helps you to understand that there is nothing as bad as you might think it is. There are many things that could be far worse than it is now.

The one person who inspires Adam Milstein is his business partner. For him David Hager is the one person he looks up to. He talks about the man being smart, about using psychology and how he is always two steps in front of others.


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