How Life Line Screening improves people’s lives.

Life Line Screening, a wellness and prevention, privately owned business located in Austin, Texas. Colin Scully and Timothy Phillips founded it in 1993. Life Line Screening grew really fast and by 1998, it has branches in many states of the united states. It was able to deliver reliable services to more than 500,000 persons.

As time went by, Life Line Screening invented finger-stick blood testing in 2007. This was used to screen the cholesterol count in the body, diabetes, and inflammation. In the same year, the company launched their first services in the United Kingdom. A new service was introduced and it included the screening of atrial fibrillation. In 2012, Life Line Screening expended its services in Australia.

Life Line Screening has been doing an outstanding job having successfully conducted approximately 8 million screenings since it was formed. It has been able to reach about 1 million people in need of health screening per annum. The different screenings offered by Life Line Screens can be used to detect various diseases such as peripheral arterial disease, atrial fibrillation, and abnormal aortic aneurysm. When detected earlier, these health issues can be treated at a lower cost and chances of surviving are higher.

To give back to the community, Life Line Screening organizes more than 16000 events annually at a local level to help people access their services with much ease but at an affordable fee. The methods of screening used by Life Line Screening have been through;y researched by renowned institutions such as the University of Florida for validity, therefore, you can trust all their services.

In 1996 October 1st, Life Line Screening acquired accreditation by the Better Business Bureau. One of the standards of this accreditation is that Life Line Screening will commit to solving consumer complaints with faith. This has helped the company earn trust from many people across the world who seeks their services on a daily basis.

Life Line Screening has engaged in several projects of medical research. Among them was finding out the presence of AAA using questionnaires given to 3.1 million patients. Another one was in partnership with the Oxford University where they found out that cardiovascular diseases occur in men 10 years earlier than in women.

Life Line Screening has improved preventative health screening by making the services cheap, easy to access and very fast. Many people have had their lives changed for better by finding out their health status with Life Line Screening Company.

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Sentient AI – Personalized Merchandising

Artificial Intelligence (AI) continues to advance the world’s economy. Personalized merchandising is one of the most influential applications of technology. One needs to look no further than social media influence upon society. Just like every Internet user has a voice, now every shopper can have one as well.

Modern consumers seek a personal shopping experience. Fulfilling a need is no longer enough to meet demands. This is of special importance for younger shoppers. These consumers have a bit of designer inside. Their opinions overshadow the traditional options of searching through available merchandise. For example, a typical youth will seek out phone cases to match their existing wardrobe. Buyers want unique products that mean something on a personal level.

Personalized shopping experiences are the new frontier. As shopping becomes more personal, consumer demands get more complex. This quickly impacts the global economy. AI innovations are important for adapting to this fast pace. Direct communication between customers and companies are fundamental to any solution.

Personalized merchandising entices sellers. It benefits most every aspect of a business. This includes e-commerce, sales, conversion rates, and communicating with their customers. Sales become more direct due to increased conversion rates. Profits benefit from e-commerce efficiency. The most powerful advantage is communication. Companies no longer need to form educated guesses about their customers. They can ask them directly. Business plans can be formed more quickly and with greater confidence.

Consumer intelligence increases as society becomes more familiar with personalized shopping. This will continue the demand for advanced technological applications. Personalized merchandising changes with people. It is this aspect that is so challenging. Sentient AI innovations meet these challenges by predicting and responding to rapidly changing markets. Real-time solutions are at the forefront of innovation. A faster adapting market means e-commerce will rely on the latest real-time merchandising solutions.

Businesses need to pay attention to shopper voices. Personalizing the shopping experience benefits both sides. This saves businesses time and effort. Happier consumers buy more. Thus, desirable merchandise becomes available through understanding.

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Anthony Petrello – A Generous And Caring CEO

Anthony Petrello is no ordinary CEO. He is as generous and caring as he is successful. Although his company, Nabors Industries, is a leader in the natural gas drilling industry and made him one of the top-paid CEO’s of 2014, helping others is a major focus of his. Specifically, after Hurricane Harvey hit the Houston area (Petrello’s home), Nabors Industries stepped up to assist immediately.

Employees donated $173,622 which Petrello matched with his own donation. He also gave employees paid time off for those who helped the people hit the hardest by this devastating storm. The company even placed an on-site kitchen to serve meals in the neediest area. The kitchen cooked residents three meals a day during this trying time. Despite the fact that 10% of Nabors Industries’ employees were affected by the hurricane, their generosity still shone through. These employees followed the example set by their leader, Anthony Petrello.


Anthony Petrello may have learned generosity and a work ethic from his humble beginnings. He grew up in a working class neighborhood in Newark, New Jersey where his parents lived paycheck to paycheck to support their family. While he was growing up, he witnessed people in his Newark neighborhood caring for their neighbors and working hard. Anthony learned to work hard in school and eventually in business. He earned an undergraduate degree at Yale University and then a law degree at Harvard. He worked his way up to the position of CEO after 30 years of employment with Nabors Industries.

Petrello and his wife Cynthia donate millions to causes in addition to their generous contribution to the Hurricane Harvey victims. One of their interests is assisting the research regarding childhood neurological disorders. They donated $7 million to the Texas Children’s Hospital to further research efforts. The hospital used the funds to start the Jan and Dan Duncan Neurological Research Institute. The Petrellos have also donated funds to further higher education. In memory of Anthony’s late professor and mentor Serge Lang, they donated $300,000 altogether. Nabors Industries recently acquired Tesco, and as the company grows, so will their giving, according to Petrello. Other Houston charities have received donations from the Petrellos and Anthony and Cynthia are committed to continuing their generosity.

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