Paul Mampilly Talks About Thriving Investment Markets

Only one-third of Americans invest their money in stocks, while others are getting low-interest rates on their money by keeping them in their saving accounts. Even though investing in stocks in riskier than saving it in bank accounts, the gains are far more than what one can get. Paul Mampilly, a leading financial guru, shares some great tips for investing in stocks for beginners. Paul Mampilly believes that new investors should invest in technology companies that are at the peak of bringing innovative products to the market. In the past, people who had invested in smartphone companies are reaping its benefits even today. It might have looked like a risky investment back then, but today smartphone has become more of necessity rather than a luxury.

Paul Mampilly believes that electric vehicles are the future and eventually people will have t use them over traditional vehicles. Owning an old-fashioned vehicle is quite costly, and there is a recurring cost of gas. Even its maintenance is quite expensive compared to the electric vehicles that have just three moving parts. Thus, electric vehicles will become the preferred choice for most car owners, and it is why investing in electric vehicle stocks should give high returns in the coming years.

Another investment opportunity for newbies should be biotech companies that are involved in the genetic testing of diseases such as cancer. Through this technology, the physicians will be able to conduct genetic profiling of a person’s DNA to determine better treatment methods according to the patient’s DNA. It will eliminate the need for guesswork and offer doctors the ability to target the disease at the DNA level to get better results.

People today love to eat out but, there is a growing number of health-conscious people who are looking for healthier options rather than fast food. According to Paul Mampilly, there is an excellent future for food delivery companies that specialize in healthy food options. People can easily order healthy meals and receive them in the comfort of their homes without having to step out. Thus, Paul Mampilly urges investors to look for such companies as they can offer significant returns.

Paul Mampilly is a leading American investor and former hedge fund manager for leading financial companies who is known for his exceptional insights into the investment industry that he openly shares with the world. He is the founder of the popular Profits Unlimited newsletter that allows him to share his knowledge and experience with his subscribers.

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Adam Milstein Gives Advice on Learning to be Successful

In an interview, Adam Milstein talks about the things you can do to be successful in business and what he does to make sure that he gives back to his community at the same time. In this piece, you will hear what some of the things he wants others to know about business and philanthropy.

First off, the one idea that he wants everyone to understand is, if you are unwilling to take a shot, you are going to miss the target. If you fail to try, you will never succeed. This piece of business knowledge is one to take with you in all avenues you go down.

When asked about the money he last spent and why it was so valuable to him, he opens up about what he spent the last $100 on. Adam Milstein talks about how important his family is and that spending time with them is one of the best things he does. So the last $100 he spent was on taking his family and wife to dinner.

When asked about what are some of his favorite services and providers are, Adam Milstein talks about Constant Contact. This is the one way that he is able to stay in touch with the countless contacts he has whether it be for business or family or even through the many charities and foundations that he and his wife are a part of.

Adam Milstein loves to take some time to read and when he is approached about what is his number one book is to recommend to others, he tells us about, “And the Good News Is…” By Dana Perino. He talks about this book because it helps you to understand that there is nothing as bad as you might think it is. There are many things that could be far worse than it is now.

The one person who inspires Adam Milstein is his business partner. For him David Hager is the one person he looks up to. He talks about the man being smart, about using psychology and how he is always two steps in front of others.


Jason Hope and Well-Rounded Philanthropy

Jason Hope is a widely known entrepreneur who specializes in matters that pertain to technology and the Internet. Although he’s a busy businessman with plenty of things to see and do on a daily basis, he’s also an individual who has a lot of compassion. That’s the reason he spends a considerable amount of time focusing on anti-aging matters. He worries about medical conditions that stem from the natural aging process. He, because of that, gave a generous $500,000 donation to an organization called SENS Foundation. This is a group that concentrates on rejuvenation biotechnologies. The objective at SENS Foundation is to combat diseases that are triggered by the aging process. Mike Cope is the CEO (Chief Executive Officer) for SENS Foundation. He revealed Hope’s donation to the public. He did so at an event that was known as “Breakthrough Philanthropy.” The Thief Foundation organized the event. It took place at San Francisco, California’s elegant Palace of Fine Arts. SENS Foundation is a prominent not-for-profit group that was established back in 2009. The objective of the organization is to encourage advancements within the rejuvenation biotechnology world. Rejuvenation biotechnologies have the ability to target diseases that are brought on by aging.

Hope lives and works in Scottsdale in Arizona. This community isn’t at all far from Phoenix. He originally comes from Arizona and has a lot of knowledge regarding the Southwestern state. Hope knows a lot about all kinds of technological matters. He also knows a lot about philanthropy. Philanthropy is near and dear to his heart and mind. He cares about philanthropic topics that delve into biotechnology, scientific research, disease management and education.

Hope gives his time and care to many groups in his area. Some of these are the Tony Hawk Foundation, the True Colors Fund, the Andre Agassi Fund, Family Health International, Teach for America Phoenix, the Mark Wahlberg Youth Foundation and the International Foundation for Education. His philanthropic focuses span a broad range of sectors. Hope puts a lot of effort into helping educational groups. He puts a lot of effort and energy into groups that concentrate on health matters as well.

Jason Hope is a futurist who does a lot of blogging. People who want to understand the inner workings of his brain regularly read his informative and engaging blog. He blogs about topics such as ecommerce, the Internet of Things, security threats, mobile technology and more.

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Securus Technologies Makes Correctional Facility Life Easier

The company that leads in providing the best criminal justice tech solutions, Securus Technologies, recently released facility customer comments about how their products and services made their lives a little easier. By reading all of these comments from correctional facility members and investigators, I got an in depth understanding about how this company really helps to prevent crime and much more.


One customer gave their praise to Securus Technologies because with their services, they were able to use information from screened phone calls to obtain a search warrant for a corrupt staff member. That corrupted facility member was actually bringing contraband to those that were locked up. Another customer said that calls they monitored contained various information about an inmate using alcohol and drugs, making threats, suspicious activity involving money being transferred, incriminating talks of actually shooting a victim in the past and a whole mess of other illegal activities. To get another understanding about what these technology solutions offer, a correctional officer can use these investigative tools to help prevent threats against inmates or even fellow staff. Some praised Securus Technologies for their LBS software because it has helped them to recover million dollars worth of missing drugs and cash money with the aid of the sheriff department. The comments continue with one stating that, “the LBS services alone are enough for us to continue using Securus in the future.” The company says they have received thousands of these letters and emails that share how their technology has helped to keep everyone safe.