Why Salvi Ragael Folch Viadero’s Contribution to Mexican Media Dominance Cannot Be Shielded?

     Mexico has been favorably located bordering the Gulf of Mexico and the Carribean Sea. It enjoys good climate and terrain worth sight-seeing. This has seen a growth in population, but the bright side about it is that 92% of them are literate. The national language in Mexico is Spanish although there are national who speak in their native languages such as Mayan and Nahautl.

The media has a ready to listen to audience policy and due to its progression regarding policing and freedom of speech has been able to articulate issues and not sidelining with the government or coerced to act in a preferable malicious code. There less dependence on government ads has made the media industry highly independent. Some of the great minds such as Salvi Ragel Folchi Viadero have been radical in the reorganization of the main stream media.

In a large proportion, the Grupo Televisa has the greatest audience, but there are other horizontal companies such as; dubbing companies of Mexico, Cinema Chains, Broadcasting companies of Mexico, Mexican Record Labels among many others. These companies extend from radio, television and other print media like newspapers, magazines and so on.

About Salvi Ragael Folch Viadero

Mr. Salvi Viadero joined the Grupo Televisa group in 2004 and had merited moving through the ranks. He has served in a capacity of Vice President of Financial Planning, Vice President of the Administrative unit. Presently, he is the Chief Financial Controller of the Grupo Televisa. Elsewhere he has worked with the Comercio MAS SA de Cv as the CEO and CFO. He is in the banking supervisory board for the National Banking and Securities Commission.

As the financial planner for the company he is careful growing the business profitability, reduce risks/ losses and source for the best talents. In addition, he has to portray good leadership skills and develop loyal networks. He operates with a financial book with a balance of over $325 billion with a workforce of 474,000.

Securus Technologies Continues to Grow in Industry

One of the fastest growing companies in the technology and communications industry today is Securus Technologies. Securus Technologies has been in business for about 10 years, but has grown substantially in that time period. Today, the company has over 500 employees, many of which are based out of its Dallas headquarters. The company current provides products and services to over 1,000 different law enforcement facilities across the country, which ultimately house over 1 million different inmates every year.


When Securus Technologies was first established, it largely worked to provide secure ways for inmates and facility employees to place secure phone calls to other parties. While they were successful with this business model, Securus Technologies has expanded into other areas as well. One of the biggest moves that Securus Technologies made was to innovate an existing video visitation platform. They have developed the platform that has allowed an inmate to have a convenient and personal video chat call with a loved one, friend, or attorney.


The new video visitation service has been very popular with inmates and those that work at the facility. The inmates love it because it is very easy for them to see their kids and other loved ones. While this allows for more personal communication, the facilities have enjoyed the fact that it has reduced the need for in-person visitation. This has helped to reduce an administrative burden and has helped to make the properties safer to live and work in.


While the service is enjoyed by thousands of people daily, Securus Technologies has also been able to use the service to provide security benefits to the prisons. All calls that are made are fully recorded. Securus Technologies is then able to review these calls to look out for suspicious information. These calls are then passed on to the facility and can act as evidence of past planned crimes.


The success of Televisa through Porfirio Sanchez Galindo

Despite being a well-known figure in the Mexican Media industry, Porfirio Sanchez Galindo heads one of the leading Media Companies in the country. He was born in 1975 and attended Stanford University to pursue a business degree course. He later attained a technical degree in applied mathematics and software research.

Porfirio Sanchez Galindo started his duties at Televisa in 2006.The Company, established in 1955, is said to be one of the fast growing media houses in Latin America. With his many years of experience, Porfirio Sanchez Galindo is responsible for its tremendous growth and development. Porfirio Sanchez Galindo came up with various strategies leading to the growth and expansion of Televisa. He is among the people who established and implemented the idea of starting the Univision channel to air Televisa TV shows in America. Therefore, the station was able to reach out to millions of people and has since made records as one of the leading Spanish speaking channels in Mexico.

It is through his dedication to the company that Porfirio Sanchez Galindo was able to take the company to greater heights. His excellent leadership skills, his education background as well as his experience are seen to be the reasons for his ability to lead the company to success. In fact, Porfirio Sanchez rose from the position of Chief of staff to CEO due to his proficient nature. His primary goals were to ensure that the viewers and clients of Televisa got the best out of the existing channels as well as to better the quality of productions aired.

Similarly, Galindo’s leadership skills ensured that Televisa was able to offer integrated services to its clients. These services include video, voice and managed facilities for both commercial and domestic customers. The company has also been able to put together its interests in Radio broadcasting, sports, magazine publishing as well as gaming. It is through highlighting these achievements that Porfirio Sanchez Galindo is said to have achieved lots of success for Televisa. Porfirio Sanchez Galindo’s leadership and management skills are the reasons why Televisa has risen to its current level in the market.


Dominance of the Financial Services Industry

NexBank CEO and President John Holt recently gave a keynote address at the 5th Annual Strategic Opportunities and M&A Conference of the Texas Bankers Association. Mr. Holt similarly served as a panelist at the conference, which was held in New Orleans, Louisiana. He offered his expertise on a discussion topic titled “”Reinventing Community Banking: Perspectives on Competing by Innovation”.

The Annual Strategic Opportunities and M&A Conference acts as a platform for bank leaders, consultants, and advisers to share their perspectives and expertise on opportunities in the industry and challenges that the community bankers face. Participants and panelists explore opportunities through branching, organic growth, and M&A activity. Mr. Holt had an opportunity to address the conference owing to the prominent position that NexBank has attained in the banking industry.

NexBank in Brief

NexBank Capital, Inc. is a leading Texas based financial services firm, which has carved a niche in the industry by offering exceptional investment banking, mortgages, and commercial banking services. The bank serves other financial institutions, institutional clients, and individual clients through its three core businesses. The bank has experienced tremendous growth due to strict adherence to its corporate vision.

The institution seeks to provide custom-made banking solutions and financial advisory services that meet the needs of its clients. NexBank has an asset base of more than $3 billion. To serve its clients better, several strategies have been formulated. This has seen the bank improving its deposit and asset networks. At the moment, plans are underway to focus more on institutional clients besides enhancing its operations throughout the US.

Recently, NexBank acquired the College Savings Bank with the intention of diversifying its services. This will also see it reach a wider market. NexBank has gained widespread recognition for its adherence to ethical business. It was also among the first banks to offer online banking services to clients. Constant innovation is encouraged, and it is what has enabled the bank to continue offering unmatchable financial solutions.


Karl Heideck – Highly Respected And Well-Established Lawyer In Philadelphia

Karl Heideck – Highly Respected Lawyer
Karl Heideck – Highly Respected Lawyer

One of the most sought after attorneys in Philadelphia today is Karl Heideck. As one of the top most lawyers in the region, he is often interviewed on various legal matters, and he also shares his views and expertise in the field of law with the world through online blogs he writes regularly.

In one of the articles that he recently wrote, Karl Heideck mentions the factors that the ambitious students must focus on to be a successful lawyer. Karl Heideck says that the aspiring law students must decide from beforehand which state they want to practice law in and then look into the requirements of the state bar association.

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As the state bar association has different requirements, it is important that it is noted from before to ensure there are no last minute hassles. Karl Heideck also mentions about the importance of connections, and how it is important for the students to network with the fellow students, mentors, professors, and practicing lawyers from the very beginning. Karl Heideck says that connections play a very strategic role in the field of law, and at times, it is well-placed connections that can make a lot of difference in the outcome of a particular case. Heideck says that it is important for the students to study well during their academic years and get good grades as the internship is offered at the leading and premier law firms, mostly by the grades the students have got.  Visit: https://www.instagram.com/karl_like_marx/

If the grades are not good then it is not possible for the aspiring law student to get internship in a reputed law firm in most of the cases, or it becomes much difficult. Karl Heideck believes that the students must focus on their studies and choose their practice area based on what suits their personality and aligns well with their passion and interest. If you are passionate about criminal law, then choosing to study it would be much more beneficial than studying finance law. Karl Heideck did his Juris Doctor from the Temple University James Beasley School of Law, which is one of the finest law schools in the country.

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