Biography of Leading New York Attorney Ross Abelow

Ross Abelow is an attorney practicing in the greater New York City area. He obtained his law degree from Brooklyn Law School and has been in practice for well over 20 years. Media reports oftentimes refer to Abelow as being at the top of the Big Apple legal pyramid.

Although Abelow does practice in a number of different areas, he continues to garner renown for his work in the divorce and family law arena. One of the reasons Abelow consistently draw positive media praise is because of his tenacious representation of more high profile clients.

The reality is that practicing in the divorce and family law arena is challenging in and of itself. However, when into the mix is added the fame and notoriety of a client, the complexity of a marriage dissolution proceeding increases in a manifold manner. Only a truly experienced, highly trained attorney with the ability to deal with the media in an appropriate manner is capable of effectively representing celebrities and other high profile individuals. This has become the stock in trade in the legal practice of Ross Abelow.

In addition to practicing in the family and divorce law arenas, Ross Abelow is well known for his work in commercial litigation. He has represented a wide range of different business and corporate clients through his years in practice. This includes pursuing a wide range of different types of commercial lawsuits on behalf of his clients.

Ross Abelow also practices in the area of entertainment. This is a very important professional niche in New York. He has assisted clients on all aspects of entertainment law, including contracts, negotiations and similar types of issues. Through his entertainment law practice, Abelow has represented a number of very well known entertainers in New York and elsewhere.

Beyond his law practice, Ross Abelow is highly active in the New York community. This includes being an active participant in a variety of different legal and bar organizations. In addition, he regularly is called upon to speak at conferences, conventions and other gatherings on a variety of issues, including matrimonial and entertainment law.

Abelow also supports a number of nonprofit and charitable organizations in the greater New York area and elsewhere in the Empire State. He frequently makes note of the importance of giving back to the community whenever possible and attempts to do so on a regular basis, despite maintaining a very business, full legal practice.

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Brian Torchin: A Drive to Help Guided His Success

Most people know Brian Torchin as the head of HCRC Staffing or as a gifted health care professional. While Torchin is proud of his work as a health care professional, or the leader of HCRC Staffing, it does not define him. Torchin is better defined by what has driven him to accomplish what he has done in his life.

Torchin has had a keen interest in helping people, which drove him into the health care industry. He started with a natural drive to help, which he demonstrated as a child. But he mostly focused on education to ensure that he could help as much as possible. Torchin got great grades that were enough to get him accepted at the New York Chiropractic College. Torchin got his degree there, though that was not enough for him because he also got a bachelor’s in Exercise Science from the University of Delaware.

Torchin worked as a chiropractor for a few years where he was revered as a great chiropractor to the community and gained their trust. Needless to say, he was a hit as a chiropractor. This was easy for him because he got to help people, which is what he wanted to do. But he also began to see a few issues in the medical industry first hand. Torchin understood that many medical establishments have to deal with staff shortages from time to time. These shortages disrupt the practice, and it was something that Torchin wanted to help with, but he was not sure how to do so.

Torchin tried his hand at sports as he thought of how he could help his fellow medical practitioners. He gathered more and more support and contacts when he finally thought of HCRC Staffing. This was to be a focused staffing center that would help medical practitioners ensure they are always staffed with qualified candidates. Torchin would deal with all the background checks and experience checks before his team sent a new candidate to a health care provider.

So, yes, Torchin should be known for some of his accomplishments, but the truth is that this man has only been driven by his drive to help patients and colleagues.  Check out his job listings on