What You Should Know About The Manse on Marsh

The first thing a person needs to know about the Manse on the Marsh is that it’s unique in its very own way. Now this is not a publicly advertised thing, nor should it be. Manse has a very laid back way of looking at life. Manse is not like other assisted living facilities. It wants to let it’s residents know they are free to be who they are. Yes, there are rules. However, it’s not about codes and guidelines. Manse wants it’s residents to be and feel safe. It wants it’s residents to feel good in calling the Marsh home.

The second thing that needs to be known is that pets are allowed. This might strike some as odd, but it’s true. Manse wants it’s residents to be happy. Just because a person is living in an assisted living facility, this is no reason why there lives should be over. Part of this attitude comes from having a pet. Pets breathe life into practically every owner. There is not one pet owner who is not changed from having a pet. Most pet-owning residents who are in the Marsh do not want to have this right taken away. Manse on the Marsh is not looking to take this right away either.

There is a complete set of rules for pet and their owners on the Marsh site. It can also be found in the main office of the Marsh. If a pet is going to be part of the package, which they encourage, than every resident should give a good read through.

One final thing to mention about the Manse. This place is not to be confused with a nursing home. To compare the two would be a gross injustice. The Manse is a place for residents who can no longer take care of their homes to go. There comes a time when active and vital men and women can’t handle the upkeep of their homes. However, their lives are still full active and vital. They just need someone to take care of the day-to-day dealings, while enjoying life for a change.  Contact them online, or follow the social media for updates.

José Manuel González Believes Government Policy Is Too Important To Be Left To Politicians

José Manuel González has been in a battle to save the economy of Venezuela for the last three years. His mission to rid the government of excessive spending and political corruption started after Chavez died in 2013. Chavez spent billions of dollars on social programs, and he helped millions of Venezuelans get out of poverty and function as middle-class citizens. In the process of giving the people more educational opportunities and government programs, Chavez borrowed billions of dollars from countries around the globe. Venezuela is rich in oil reserves, so when crude was selling for more than $100 a barrel, Venezuela had good credit. But that good credit stopped when the bottom fell out of the oil market, and President Nicolas Maduro took over the socialist government. Maduro was handpicked by Chavez, and José Manuel González thinks that choice was a bad one for several reasons.

Although Venezuela has the largest oil reserves in the world, the people of Venezuela are starving. There aren’t enough food, electricity or medical supplies, and gangs are fighting in the streets to claim what little there is of those commodities. José Manuel González is an agricultural entrepreneur, and he is also the Deputy of the National Assembly in the state of Guárico. González has watched the Maduro government enact policies that have turned the country into a nation filled with domestic issues. In meetings, González expressed his concerns about the Maduro government and José is now considered the opposition by the government. José accepts that title. He is pushing the petition to form a referendum to remove Maduro from office. Almost a million people have signed the petition, according to José, but four million signatures are needed to put the referendum in place.

Venezuela needs another government that is more democratic in nature, according to José Manuel González. The socialist government of Maduro isn’t working and according to the opposition, it will never work. Maduro, the former truck driver, turned politician, doesn’t understand what it takes to run a company, and that is why José Manuel González says government policy is too important to be left to politicians.

Expansion of Highland Capital Charitable Giving Program

James Dondero, president of Highland Capital which is an asset management firm has taken a great step of teaming up with LindaOwen with an aim of providing proper strategic direction to all philanthropic activities that Highland Capital offers as its charitable giving program expands tremendously. Linda Owen is a civic leader as well as the former chief executive officer of Woodall Rodgers Park Foundation. Owen is dedicated and excited about working alongside this amazing firm and she is looking forward to ensure the giving is channeled to being impactful and thoughtful. Owen will be serving as the manager of the charitable giving firm which is operating hand in hand with Dallas Foundation.it is this foundation that administers charitable giving fund to Highland Capital.

James went to Virginia University where he earned his Bachelor’s Degree in finance and accounting. Before founding highland capital in 1993, he worked in the credit sector with mike Okada. Dondero has over 30 years of experience in investments of credit as well as equity markets. He is often credited for his achievement of being among the first pioneers of Collateralized Loan Obligation this was a great invention for new vehicles. Currently, James Dondero resides in Texas specifically in Dallas.

James Dondero is a dedicated man who serves in several boards despite being the president of a large asset management firm. He serves in the American Corporation Banknote and MGM Studios as a very important member. Additionally, he is the chairman of the director’s board of both CCS Medical as well as Cornerstone Healthcare. Initially, James managed over $2 billion assets for Protective Life’s GIC Subsidiary. He was also able to keep track of the American Express fixed income funds which approximated to $1 billion.

For the contributions of Highland Capital to make amazing impacts, the firm saw the need to partner with Linda who has an insight to build effective partnerships that will ensure all philanthropic activities stay in good track. Highland capital has made great effort in assisting and supporting health care and education thus so much inspiring to the organizations receiving help from the firm.

Keith Mann Raises Money For Charter Schools

Founder and CEO of Dynamic Search Partners, Keith Mann held a fundraiser event for a charter school organization called Uncommon Schools. The fundraiser was held at the Standard Hotel Beer Garden in Manhattan under the famous High Line park of New York City. Prominent members of the New York financial community came together and managed to raise over $22,000 for charter schools. The money raised at the event in New York will be spent on student testing needs at a newly constructed school in New York City.

Uncommon Schools is a network of charter schools in three states, New York State, Massachusetts and New Jersey. Major cities that the organization operates in includes New York City, New York, Boston, Massachusetts, Camden, New Jersey Newark, New Jersey, Rochester, New York and Troy, New York. The goal of the Uncommon Schools charter system is to eliminate the achievement gap that currently exists in poor inner city communities throughout New York, New Jersey and Massachusetts. In addition, Uncommon Schools prepares students to graduate from high school and attend college. This is something that is currently lacking severely in many urban cities in the United States. Uncommon Schools is changing this trend one school and one student at a time.

In addition to the $22,000 that Keith Mann and his firm have raised during the fundraiser, Mr. Mann has already donated $10,000 to Uncommon Schools to cover testing for all of the pupils enrolled in the charter schools. Dynamic Search Partners has been in a partnership with Uncommon Schools since 2013. The company donates money to the charter school system, and works with students to develop a path to college and eventually a steady job that will help break the cycle of poverty that many inner city students face. CEO of Dynamic Search Partners says that he enjoys interacting and seeing the work and progress that Uncommon Schools has achieved so far and continues to do.

Keith Mann is a veteran of the financial staffing industry, with over 15 years of experience in the staffing industry. He has worked for Dynamics Executive Search, where he was managing director in charge of leading the recruitment effort for multinational financial firms. In 2009, Keith started his very own staffing firm that focuses on the alternative investment industry called Dynamic Search Partners. Mann is one of the pioneers of staffing in the hedge fund industry and helped to create the staffing industry for this sector.

Diversant: The Company That Thinks Outside the Box

In today’s business world, you have to stand out and make a difference at the same time. If you look and sound like every other company, how is anyone going to notice you or pay attention to you? Why should they care? With Diversant, they are about as different as they come, and that is what separates them from the competition. They talk on their website about “bringing thought leadership, experience, and passion.” Quite frankly, I don’t think you could find three more important things in a business landscape. They all work hand-in-hand and one doesn’t work without the other.

With leadership, you bring a powerful voice. It means you are willing to make tough decisions, stand up for yourself, and lead a group of individuals. You aren’t afraid of anything and nothing is too challenging or overwhelming for you. You take it on, head first, and don’t shy away from it. You embrace the challenge. You also lead a group of men and women and try to get the best results you can out of them. You work with them, teach them, and truly care about their growth, because you know that their growth is going to lead to the growth of the company.

With experience, it means you have been there and done that. You have seen it all, done it all, and experienced highs and lows. You have not been afraid of them, and you have lived to tell about them. Maybe you have been in a tough situation, but it hasn’t scared you or scarred for you for life. Lastly, there is passion, and without passion, why do you do your job and why do you get up in the morning?

These all traits that John Goullet brings to the table as part of the advisory and leadership board of Diversant. He is also an entrepreneur, which means he knows all about being a leader and starting something up and watching it build. He has brought all of this to Diversant and they are proud to have him on board, just as he is proud to be a part of such a great company.

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How Eric Pulier Became the King of Mini Start-Ups

Described by others as having the Midas touch, it certainly appears to be the case for philanthropist and entrepreneur Eric Pulier.

Eric Pulier has made a name for himself in turning small dreams into big realities for countless tech start-ups. Unafraid of hard work and an uncanny aptitude in the realm of market research, literally everything he touches does seem to turn to gold.

His tech savvy dates back to grade school where as early as the fourth grade Eric was already flexing his computer programing muscle. And it didn’t take long for him to capitalize on those early computer programming skills as it was in his high school years that he started a data base computer company. Yes, a young entrepreneur was born!

Eric wasted no time making his mark in the world by founding People Doing Things (PDT) only a few short years after graduating from Harvard University. PDT was a company that, through the use of technology, aided in addressing education, healthcare and other such issues. With this first big notch in his belt, Pulier was well on his way to becoming one of the top tech based visionaries of our generation.

Since PDT he has founded and co-founded numerous tech based businesses and helped a countless number of small start-ups achieve success with both his guidance in the tech industry as well as his ability to raise large sums of venture capital. His success has also landed him several prestigious opportunities such as being selected to create and execute the Presidential Technology Exhibition in Washington DC back in 1997.

An author, public speaker and also a philanthropist, when he is not busy assisting a new start-up in achieving success, Pulier donates a great deal of his time and expertise to a number of non-profit organizations or can be found giving a speech on technology someplace in the world.

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Darius Fisher Given Award

Darius Fisher, who is the President and co-founder of Status Labs, has been awarded the high honor of PR World Awards “Business Development Individual of the Year” for 2016. This award encompasses a broad range of high powered individuals, from public relations and corporate communications to business professionals from every major industry in the world. He has earned Status Labs 939% growth from 2012-2015 under his leadership.

He has improved their market status by improving their digital services offered and increasing their client base to include Fortune 500 companies from around the world. His long term planning and goals has increased their status in the PR industry. As one of the winners, he will be honored in San Francisco on June 27th during the SVUS Red Carpet Awards Ceremony Dinner.

He feels that being recognized as a gold winner in this category is very crucial for building his brand. He is being acknowledge for his innovative leadership and the direction he has taken Status Labs. He motivates his employees through sales incentives, awards, and community service events on a monthly basis.

Darius Fisher is the president and CEO of Status Labs, and he helps companies and individuals fix or maintain their online reputations through their innovative services. His company has grown to serve 1500 clients in 35+ countries. They can help their clients achieve increasing their brand’s online image to maintaining and fixing a digital image.

Their services include search engine optimization, social media marketing, and other digital services. Fisher really has brought this company to the forefront of the field. Follow Darius on Twitter @fisherdarius to learn more.

Danilo Diaz Granados is a Rising Name in the Investment Community

The economy has recovered and in the next five years it has the potential for astounding growth. People around the world are looking to invest their money and create wealth for their family. Those that truly want to see their wealth grow for years to come will need smart people on their side. Danilo Diaz Granados is a rising name in the investment industry, and people around the world should take notice.

Danilo is currently an Associate with Fireman Capital, an amazing private equity firm that is quickly building a reputation throughout the sector. Danilo joined the firm in 2015 and so far he is enjoying working with some of the top professionals in the industry. Before Danilo arrived at Danilo he worked for a private equity firm in Miami. He worked as an Account Advisor for that firm, and he excelled in that role. His job required him to perform a great deal of research. He was particularly interested in researching investment-to-return relationships throughout the globe. Danilo spent his days researching investment to return relationships in fine arts, real estate, hedge funds, energy efficiency, and innovative startups. He also spent time researching the social, demographic, and innovative qualities that pertain to specific investment opportunities. All of this research enabled him to become a skilled investor, and a major asset to Fireman Capital.

Danilo excels at work, but he also dedicates time to his own projects, like his blog. He currently operates “Toys for Boys Boutique”. This company specializes in offering high-quality toys for men, including luxury cars, timepieces, and other toys for the rich and famous. Danilo is also working with Edge of Glory Films on producing content that appeals to the Hispanic community. He cares deeply about lifting other Hispanics up into the corporate world, and he puts most of his effort towards accomplishing this task.  He’s also known for the odd tweet at @danilodiaz_g1.

Danilo is a rising name in the investment community. His commitment to getting the job done right, and to constantly learn more has made him an asset to the Fireman Capital team. Danilo hopes to continue to rise through the ranks for years to come.

Thor Halvorssen Fights for a Meaningful Cause

Human rights is a meaningful cause to fight for. Unfortunately, there is a huge fight left in this issue because of all of the oppression happening in various parts of the world. The more developed parts of the world that has a more lenient rule tend to not want to believe that oppression exists. However, the truth is that there are parts of the world where humans are treated as less than objects. Therefore, one has two choices. He could either ignore it, or he can do his part to put an end to human oppression.


Among the people that are fighting for human rights is Thor Halvorssen. He is very passionate about human rights. For one thing, he stands up to the oppressors and tyrants of different countries. One of the reasons that human rights is a major passion for him is that he has experience with the violation of human rights. According to this article in Forbes, Thor comes from a line of people who stood up for the rights of others, often at the expense of their own lives. Thor’s father has been tortured in a prison after revealing government corruption. His mother was shot during a demonstration. Thor has a knowledge of human rights violations that go beyond theoretical.


Thor is also working to put away any stereotypes about people who are fighting for human rights. For one thing, he is trying to keep a positive image to combat the depressive stereotype of someone who is fighting for the cause. He also tries to avoid falling into the trap of hating people. He himself loves people. This is in fact what it takes to be effective in fighting for the rights of humans in countries where people have less freedom. Thor himself took some of the beatings that other activists are afraid to take.

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Jim Hunt: VTA Publications Guru In Charge

Jim Hunt, an investment professional working with VTA Publications, really shines in this video where he explains the bear market, and he shows you what YOU can do during an early bear market to prepare your money to be cashed out, invested in different stocks, or to sit tight for the long haul.

VTA Publications, Ltd., is a company that has been around since 2012, promoting educational work and information sharing on the web and in person, making sure that you learn the most you can about economics and finance, from professionals like Jim Hunt who really talk the talk and walk the walk.

You’ll appreciate that VTA Publications, Ltd., also features special events, organized just for folks like you who want to come and learn about these topics in a desirable place. These events bring together professionals and ordinary people in a top-notch setting where you can gain valuable information that will help you launch your money on a new path, earning more as you go.

VTA Publications, Ltd., is only top-quality, and they serve thousands of people with their products, special events, and informational videos and publications. So, find out more by looking at what they have to offer, and be sure that you book your place at a special event today.